“We have been using the services of Archer Landscapes for many years. They provide an excellent, responsive service and are very professional in their approach”
Martin Ward


“I have been using Archer Landscapes for 10 years and have found the workmanship and knowledge exceeds expectations. Safety compliance and awareness is at the forefront of the task in hand”
Paul Purnell


I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on this project. You and your crew have done an amazing job. I just got back from the property and the front play yard looked great!!!! I took a peek at the rear too and it looks great!








Landscapes That Promote Early Years Education

The early years are vital to a child’s development, and getting the opportunity to play outdoors gives them the chance to grow and develop a number of skills.

Although play areas can be considered just a place for children to just get out of the house/classroom environment, if utilised correctly outdoor playing can provide the base upon which kids can get increase develop in the following areas:

  • Physical - Playing outdoors in a well thought out landscape with activities will help build stronger bodies and increase level of fitness; improve their balance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Communication - Playing in a communal area with their peers children will develop their conversational levels and social interactions. This can be as simple as just chatting about what they are doing or learning about sharing, compromise and the initial beginnings of social conventions. This can also be an environment where children can learn about manners, politeness and also to learn to develop a sense of being able to fend for themselves.
  • Education - By being outside children can learn about the environment, the landscape, animals and insects, and the weather. By having designated areas children could have quiet reflective time, perhaps to just read or draw; or alternatively vibrant areas that help promote a child’s imagination, by creating a pirate adventure or an explorer. Picnic areas can be a great way to help children taste and learn about new foods.

Archer Landscapes can provide great advice on the design and supply of a fun and educational landscape to suit the needs of young children, check out http://www.archerlandscapes.co.uk/news.html for further information and contact details for those in the areas of Hampshire, London, Kent, South East, and Surrey,


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